Recycling is so important now, more than ever. We have completely destroyed our planet, and it's our job to try to produce as little eco-friendly waste as possible. In this first part of my article I will be explaining all of the car parts that can be recycled. Most car parts can be recycled and if you have a classic old car (like the ford escort mk1) then your parts will be more of value, and you could even sell them.


Before you can start to recycle the tyre you first have to take out the steel wires. These are inside the tires for elasticity. They can also be melted down and recycled too but in order to recycle the rubber out of the tyre you will need to remove them. Automobile tires can be recycled by cryogenic grinding and shredding them. After the tire has gone through this process the tiny shredded bits of tyres can be used as children's playground flooring, road bank and astro turf.

Windshield glass

Windshield glass can sometimes be referred to as safety glass, as it handles an excessive amount of force when driving. It's a different type of glass, as it needs to withstand the wind against the car windshield. If it was a normal type of glass (standard single glazing) trying to resist the power of the wind it would shatter immediately. In the recycling process the glass is grinded down by a processor back into its original state. When the glass has been processed and is in its authentic state it can be used for anything normal glass can do.


Throwing away used car batteries is not only extremely dangerous, it's also very illegal. Car batteries contain dangerous, harmful chemicals which massively impact negatively on the environment and wildlife. We have destroyed enough animal habitats, it's time to stop being selfish. To get rid of your car battery properly then you should donate or sell it to a scrap yard. They will be happy to take it off your hands, and they will dispose of the harmful battery acids properly and ensure everything that can be recycled will be.

Steel and iron

Recycling metals does not affect their properties, they can be melted and recycled repeatedly. According to stats steel is the most recycled material ever, among with gold, silver and copper. The process of recycling both these metals are the same, they both get sold from scrap yards to large metal recomposing companies, then the components are shredded and then melted into blocks to sell on to metal companies.

Oil filters

When it comes to recycling oil filters you will have to drain all of the oil out of the filter before you can recycle it. Once you have drained the oil you will need to put it in an airtight container, and the filter in a sealed plastic bag. Then you will need to locate an oil recycling center to dispose of the oil. To recycle the filter it needs to be free of any oil before you can hand it into a recycling center. This is because oil is hazardous waste and is toxic to animals, wildlife and the environment

Mats and carpets

If your car's carpet or mat is in decent condition you would be able to sell it on ebay or gumtree. Over 2.2 billion kgs of carpet is thrown into landfill each year, carpets are not biodegradable so that means they will not rot over time. The best way to recycle your car carpet or mat would be by giving it a really good scrub and giving it or selling it to someone that needs it or would use it. These mats and carpets provide insulation so they are popular with gardeners to use with compost heaps, and to keep weeds away. If you have got a green thumb too you could even do this yourself, or you could use it as a kneeling mat when you are tending to the garden.

Car seats

If the car seat is in good condition, and it has not expired; the best thing to do is to give it away or to sell it. But if the car seat has expired do not under any circumstance give it away, as you could be putting a child's life in danger. Car seats are pretty hard to recycle as they consist of lots of different materials. Start by taking the car seat apart, and putting all the expired fabric in a marked ‘expired’ bag, then seperate all the plastic mixed with metals. Donate all the metals to a scrap yard, and recycle all the plastics and unexpired fabrics.there are millions and millions of old childrens car seats in landfill sites, as car seats can be used after they have expired, or after they have been in a car accident.