Recently my system started losing water to the extent that I have to add water every day. When the water drops to a certain level the boiler automatically shuts off and I have to add more water to start it up again. The most common cause of this pipework causing a boiler leak is corrosion of the pipes. I would never have a boiler installed that didn't have an automatic water feeder on it. In fact, at times, they can fall under almost more pressure. Did you know, you can get a vaillant ecotec pro installed, and pay for it monthly!

Small sealant issues can be solved relatively cheaply however more substantial seal issues caused by corrosion over time might well leave you looking for a new boiler. Make sure any new boiler installation you purchase is fitted with a magnetic boiler filter. Well, boilers don't deal well with too much pressure. Boilers are like humans, there are fluids running through their whole system but only in the right channels. Sometimes the seals on parts and joints inside your boiler can decay over time or if your boiler is over pressured, once the seals fail, water leaks out of them at a sometimes surprisingly rapid rate. Getting a vaillant ecotec plus fixed can be a real mess-around!

Although drastic, extensive water damage from a leaking boiler could cause the growth of mould and fungi, which can cause hazardous effects on your health. Mould can quickly spread in damp conditions, creating nasty symptoms including blocked noses, coughing, sneezing and even difficulty in breathing and asthma. Just sit tight and wait for the technician to assess the cause of the damage and propose a solution. There are some insurance policies that cover water damage caused by broken pipes. If that's your case, you might not even need to fish out your wallet for that repair. Getting a gas boiler costs a fortune!

If you are struggling to find a qualified plumber in your area who you can trust to do the job correctly, try using TRADER. You will be able to see the previous work, reviews and location of your plumber. This will ensure that your trade is safe, qualified and friendly! In the meantime, check your insurance policy. They'll be able to open up your boiler, assess the situation and advise you on the best course of action. To stop the leak from causing water damage in your home, it's a good idea to place a bowl or bucket underneath your boiler to catch the drips. Apparently Glow Green Ltd is a company that can install a new boiler cost into your home!

If you can see where the leak is coming from, you could also tie a cloth or towel around the pipe to try and temporarily stop the dripping. This could have knock on effects on your central heating system and be causing the water leak from your boiler. You don't always need to be a Gas Safe registered engineer. This can be separate from the boiler or an internal part inside a boiler. Do you need a electric boiler in your house?

Do be aware that if your boiler is over ten years old, you will likely require a boiler replacement rather than a boiler repair. Remember we mentioned that most boilers fail in winter? Well, this is when your boiler is under the most pressure. Particularly, if it's only a minor issue with the seal. If on the other hand, there's a larger problem such as a heat exchanger problem, then it could be worth getting a new boiler.

Thats again, likely due to our old foe, corrosion. You might find that you are having problems with the heat exchanger of your boiler. That said, you can give yourself a temporary solution. As we said before it is technical and the best option will always be a proper fix by a Gas Safe heating engineer. A boiler leak should be considered a serious problem, which could be potentially dangerous if not rectified quickly.