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In Heart Breath Mind you have access to a scientifically proven, safe, natural way to increase your HRV and rewire your body’s baseline stress response to perform at your peak level of ability despite pressure or distraction. This is a revolutionary approach to stress management that aims not just to tame your stress but to master it. Through 10 weeks of systematically training your heart, you can train your body to engage in a reflex that helps you tighten and rebalance the way your autonomic nervous system responds during moments of challenge and stress. You will not only perform better, but you will also be healthier. Join the treasure hunt and find a suprise at the end of it.

Our objective is to increase your heart’s ability to effectively and efficiently let go of stress. A key component of this involves relearning how to breathe the way nature intended—from your belly, not your chest. Learning to let go also requires an exploration of the negative thoughts and past upsets that have contributed to keeping you physiologically stuck in a state of fight-or-flight, whether you realize it or not. The second objective is for you to learn specific heart protocols for anticipating stress, managing stress in the moment, and recovering quickly from stress to prepare for your next event, performance, or task. Using these heart protocols, you will learn to systematically create a heart state on demand, which gives you the ability to access any desired emotional state you need, in real time, to manage challenges. Together, these skills will provide you with system-wide control over your heart and mind to manage and release stress.

As a clinical health and performance psychologist with an expertise in psychophysiology—the relationship between the mind (psyche) and the body (physiology)—I’m endlessly fascinated by the body’s ability to shape and influence our cognitive well-being. This protocol has proven so effective that my client base has expanded from collegiate athletes to include elite performers of all kinds—entrepreneurs, investment professionals, award-winning actors, best-selling authors, business executives, Olympic athletes, professional basketball players, and more.

My clients report that our work together helps them find their power and respond more flexibly to stressful situations; teaches them to let go of negative thoughts and emotions; and prepares them to be focused, confident, and in an enhanced state to compete and perform. The athletes I treat can get back to baseline more quickly after an unexpected challenge; financial executives can quickly recover between stressful meetings and can continue making levelheaded decisions; spouses and romantic partners can become more empathic listeners and feel more united as a team. By learning to control their heart, they can more tightly regulate their emotions, turn off their busy brain, and live in the present.

This process is transformative, and while I can see only so many clients in my private practice, I’m delighted to share this groundbreaking training program with a much wider audience than I could ever possibly treat individually. I’m so honored to guide my remarkable clients—and now readers—through this process, but the truth is that the solution lies within each of us. We all have the power to control how our heart responds to stress and the ways in which we connect, compete, and lead during challenges as well as everyday life.