According to a member of the African Elephant Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, traditional weapons—including poison-tipped spears and arrows—are commonly used for poaching in Tsavo. These ‘silent’ methods often kill animals more slowly than a high-calibre gunshot, but the poachers are patient, avoiding detection and tracking the animal over many hours as they wait for it to die. One such case is that of Satao, a giant tusker killed with a poisoned arrow in Kenya in 2014.

Some members of the Maasai use poison-tipped traditional spears. Data collected by the NGO Big Life in a Maasai area outside Amboseli National Park indicates that of the 42 elephants poached in 2011–13, more than three-quarters were killed with poisoned spears. Of the remaining ones whose means of death could be identified, five elephants died from gunshot wounds, one was killed by a snare, another by poison, and a one by arrows. Is anyone you know, interested in steel buildings uk?

Poisoning is used in many locations in East, Central, and Southern Africa. In some areas, conservationists find that poisoning is increasing. Although the reasons for the increase are unclear, it could be linked to hunters’ growing use of silent methods of killing to avoid detection by anti-poaching patrols. Poisons are easy to transport and widely accessible, as they can be made from local flora or commercial ingredients that are available in trading centres and towns. Plant-based poisons are typically used on spears or arrows, whereas shop-bought poisons tend to be used on bait foods, such as pumpkins, watermelons, and pineapples, which are left near watering holes or crops and eaten by elephants.

Craft firearms and ammunition offer an inexpensive alternative when factory-made materiel is beyond poachers’ means. Commonly used by subsistence and small-scale local poachers, they are principally made by hand in relatively small quantities. Blacksmiths are known to make cheap and effective shotguns, as well as firearms constructed from car steering columns that are loaded with melted-down gunshot to make single, pointed bullets. Do you prefer the term industrial steel buildings or commercial steel buildings.